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Dress Code

A school uniform is required. The uniform consists of:

  • Solid khaki or navy pants, shorts, capris, skirts, skorts, or jumpers
  • Solid red, navy blue, or white polo or crew shirts
  • School t-shirts may be purchased at the front office and worn as uniform shirts
  • Shoes should be appropriate for the classroom and the playground. Tennis shoes are required for participation in P.E. 
  • For security purposes, a red, white, or blue coat/jacket is suggested. It is highly recommended that you mark your child’s jackets with a permanent marker for identification in the event they are lost.
  • The minimum length of shorts, dresses, skirts, etc. must be at the fingertip or below when standing erect with arms extended down the sides or be no more than 5” above the knee.
  • Tights and/or leggings worn with skirts must be solid red, white or blue.
  • Undershirts may not be worn as outerwear and may not be visible under the uniform shirt except at the neckline.  Under Armor and other athletic undergarments should not be worn as a uniform shirt.  
  • No skin may show between the pants and shirt in any position.
  • All pants MUST be secured at the waist with NO undergarments revealed.
  • Shirts may not be worn as jackets.  
  • Caps, hats, and bandanas are not allowed at school.
  • Hair must be clean and a naturally occurring color. Sculptured hair styles that include pictures, symbols, letters, numbers, or hair in curlers, rollers, or excessively teased, etc. will not be permitted.

Parents and students are to refer to the St. Tammany Parish District Handbook for Students and Parents for the complete parish dress code policy. 

Violating the St. Tammany Parish policy on dress code or the school uniform policy could result in disciplinary action.  A student will not be allowed to remain at school if the violation is disruptive. 

Uniform T-shirts/Sweatshirts

We are out of many sizes for t-shirts and sweatshirts.  Please call the office and ask for Mrs. Cindy for availability.  Sorry the inconvenience.